Renegade Five

Renegade Five started in 2006 in Karlstad Sweden. They got their first record deal in 2007. Within two years they were nominated on Swedish Metal Awards and Bandit Rock Awards as the 2008 break-through artist of the year!

They released their debut album “Undergrounded Universe” in February 2009, and it debuted at number eight. The single “Running in Your Veins” was the most played and requested song on Bandit Rock.

Renegade Five signed with Universal Music for their second album in 2011.

Their first single, “Lost Without Your Love” off their new album, “Alive” is set to debut this Summer.

Per Lidén – Guitar/Writer: Founder and leader of the band, Per has a pulse on the latest musical trends, and writes with great memorable choruses. His songs ring familiar, with great mixes of rock and orchestral elements. With more than 15 gold and platinum records behind him, Per is the driving force behind the sound.

Per Nylin – Lead Vocals, former singer of Renegade Five, just rejoined the group.

Håkan Fredriksson – Keyboards/Producer: Håkan has produced many top Europe bands including the top band from the Netherlands, “Within Temptation” and many others. Håkan has a tremendous talent of taking the tracks from Per and Marcus and making magic!

Jimmy Lundin – Bass: Jimmy has played with many top Swedish bands and has honed his chops on hundreds of gigs all over northern Europe. With his inspired interpretation of the bass instrument, he is a great new addition to the band.