Rasmus Hagen

Rasmus Hagen is a singer/songwriter from Stockholm whose music best is described as laid back blues/soul-driven pop with strong, captivating melodies. He is inspired by artists such as Jack Johnson, Paulo Nutini, Ed Sheeran, Jason Mraz, and above all- John Mayer.

Rasmus is a young man born and raised in Stockholm who found his interest in music at an early age. After his parents discovered his interest in singing and music, he started taking guitar lessons with a guitar teacher who only taught him glam rock. At school, however, he noticed that the girls fell for a singing guy with a guitar, and therefore put all efforts into mastering that art form. The music quickly became more than just a pick-up method, and today he has studied music and had gigs in Sweden, the USA and Germany, and has developed his own aesthetic expression by fronting several bands.

With his band, consisting of the eminent musicians Darius Kaya on lead guitar and Mattias Dufvenmark on drums, the current main focus will be on completing songs for the upcoming debut album. For marketing purposes Rasmus will also make a number of acoustic releases of both covers and original songs. In parallell with creating new music, he will also perform live as much as possible.


Upcoming Tour Dates: