Da Buzz

Da buzz had their first hit with the single “Do you want me” in 2000. The song sold Platina and was the most played song on Swedish radio and went to No 2 on the Swedish dance chart.

2001 The band released the single “Let me love you” The song went up to No 4 on billboard dance and was the song of the year at KTU a key station within US.

After that Da Buzz travelled over the world releasing singles like “Wanna be with me”, “Wonder where you are”, “Alive” and “Dangerous” etc. With a unique touch of melodic dance/pop that was known to rule the radio airplay and the band was a very popular live act around the world.

In 2016 they released “Something About You” which reached #5 on the Billboard Dance Club Chart, and also played shows in both Chicago and New York. Watch for new anniversary mixes of “Let Me Love You” in summer 2016, and more brand new music in the fall.

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